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Seeing as the warranty is generally discussed when the vehicle is purchased, it’s no surprise that several vehicle service contracts are sold at the dealership where the vehicle was originally sold. However, for one reason or another not all buyers purchase a vehicle warranty at the time of purchasing their vehicle.

Luckily there are several places to purchase an extended vehicle warranty after the original sale. You can go back to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased, but if their selection is limited due to higher mileage etc, you may get more competitive rates elsewhere. Certain manufacturers and automotive finance lenders also offer extended service contracts. However, people who purchase a car from a family member, private party etc may not be able to take advantage of these options. As such there are companies which sell extended warranties to consumers regardless of where the vehicle was purchased. The price of the extended warranty will be based on what type of vehicle it is, how many miles it has, length of cover requested and the type of plan you want.

If you are buying an extended warranty after the original sale then selecting a company that has a variety of mileage plans and coverage plans can help ensure that you are getting the best plan for your budget and needs. Top sellers will also have several providers to choose from, ensuring that they are not locked into one vehicle service company, which can drive up the cost to the buyer. A good extended service contract sales company should work with multiple companies so that the buyer can get the best plan at the best price possible.

It is also important to ensure that you purchase a plan which is cancelable. Several sketchy direct marketing firms will try to lock a consumer into buying an extended warranty, and prevent them from cancelling for any reason. This is a potentially expensive mistake. .

Try to seek out companies that offer 0% financing with the purchase. This offers leverage to the consumer, as you can secure financing regardless of past credit problems, making the plan affordable.